Improving Infant and Child Feeding Practices

Improving Infant and Child Feeding Practices.

The project started on June 1, 2018 and ended in 31 Aug 2018 .

in cooperation with SCI in the southern region of Syria (Daraa) and the key activities were:

– Open discussion sessions for adults responsible for children

– Organized individual counseling sessions and In-depth assessment of cases

– Group awareness sessions in addition to referral to ensure access to food.

This project aimed to provide activities to support mental health and nutrition for infants and young children and their families, and the number of beneficiaries is estimated at 8015 individuals.

SBF has used an integrated approach between mental health, psychosocial support and providing child nutrition in 3 centers: Nawa, Al-Musaifra, and Ma’riba.

SBF has trained mental health personnel to provide individual and group support with the support of consultants to the higher committees and it has witnessed a great enhancement of capabilities and continuous clinical supervision of mental health officers and assistants..

SBF gave priority to unaccompanied and separated children, displaced children, people with disabilities, child-headed families, children living in female-headed households, children engaged in labor activities, children who have been subjected to forced recruitment to attend special sessions and then refer them to specialists if necessary.

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