About us

Syria Bright Future is a non-governmental and non-profit humanitarian organization. Under the moniker “Syrian Psychological Group,” its founders began working in Syria in 2008 with a group of specialists and non-specialists interested in psychological, social, and developmental subjects.

They were brought together by a desire to improve mental health in the community and raise public awareness.

Their purpose was also to empower residents to use and develop their skills and energy in ways that improved their psychological and social well-being.

Because of the Syrian conflict, its founders relocated to Jordan in 2012 and launched an initiative to visit Syrian refugees wherever they are, as well as patients with psychological disorders and injured soldiers.

Then, in 2013, Jordan officially registered Syria’s successful future as “The Bright Future of Mental Health.”

They began working on projects in Amman, Irbid, the Zaatari camp, and elsewhere in Syria.

The work developed to become officially registered in Turkey on 7/5/2014 under the name “Syria bright Future” with license number 17704/2014, then the license was renewed in 2017 with number 27020144.